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    Dr. Shamini Parameswaran

    Dr. Shamini Parameswaran is a remarkable figure in cardiothoracic surgery whose career is as diverse as it is distinguished. Born in London, England, and raised in the academic ambiance of Texas, she has traversed an extraordinary path to becoming a leading cardiac surgeon. Her father's academic pursuits at Texas Tech University greatly influenced her early exposure to science and medicine, paving her way to a future in healthcare.


    Her academic foundation was laid at Johns Hopkins University, where she pursued biomedical engineering, focusing on cardiovascular systems. This passion led her to further her studies in Microbiology at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, where she gained critical insights into the interplay between complex infections and medical devices. Her education seamlessly wove together the threads of engineering and medicine, equipping her with a unique perspective in her field.


    At Texas Tech University's medical school, Shamini Parameswaran MD emerged as a natural leader, becoming the first woman to lead the surgery club and serving as a Dean's ambassador. These roles highlighted her leadership skills and set the stage for her future successes. Her pursuit of excellence continued at Yale School of Medicine, where she specialized in cardiothoracic surgery. She was a student and a pioneer, becoming the first graduate of the integrated thoracic surgery residency program with a specific focus on heart surgeries.


    Her professional life is marked by an unwavering dedication to her patients, combining technical excellence with compassionate care. She honed her expertise in aortic aneurysm surgery, mentored by renowned specialists. Today, as a board-certified cardiothoracic surgeon, she is a testament to her perseverance and skill, especially in a field with few women.


    Shamini's commitment extends beyond the operating room. She is actively involved in community service, supporting causes like natural disaster relief and underprivileged children's welfare. Her life is further enriched by her deep Christian faith, guiding her in her professional and personal endeavors. Looking forward, she aspires to expand her impact through international medical missions, combining her medical expertise with her passion for helping those in need.